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A lot has been written about the level of engagement of employees – or more to the point, the level of disengagement of employees. The latest study I read in Forbes Magazine highlighted that “nearly three quarters of employees are not fully engaged [aka productive]” (see January 18, 2013: “Why are So Many Employees Disengaged?”). As a an author and presenter on the topics of career and engagement, I find this level of disengagement both sad and frustrating. Sad, because most of us are in the midst of a mediocre career, and, since the majority of our waking lives are spent at work, a mediocre career leads to a medicre life, with some ups and some downs, but never reaching the level of impact and satisfaction we desire. Sad again because in the ten years since I co-authored the book Make it Work: Navigate Your Career Without Leaving Your Organization the level of mass career disengagement has not changed. And, I am frustrated because people do not have to settle for a mediocre career. There are answers! Through our career coaching and workshops, my co-author Bill Gargiulo and I have helped hundreds of people re-ignite their career through the application of key career principles. Many of these career principles fly in the face of conventional career wisdom and advice . . . but they are true and they work. This blog is our attempt to share these transformative career principles to as many people as possible. Simply put, our vision for this blog is to put a positive dent in the universe of careers – to help individuals have a more engaged and productive career, and provide companies with the tools they need to truly engage their employee (or what we can INgage . . . but more about INgagement in a future blog). This blog is an extension of our passion and years of expertise. Call it hubris, but we know people and careers will be transformed by following this blog and applying the practices outlined. This blog is a conversation – it will start with our regular posts and continue with your insights. We ask that you register to receive emails when we post to the blog (the registration is on the right side of the page) and provide your inputs via the comments section. Or, if you wish for a more personal conversation, use the “Contact Us” section above to email Bill or myself directly.

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