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Behaviors, and ultimately results, are based upon beliefs. Beliefs are the source code of success and failure. This fact is especially true in relation to career results. In our book and career coaching and workshops, we have identified a number of false beliefs, or “myths”, that have led millions of people down dark career roads with unsatisfying results. One of the most pervasive career myths is about performance. Specifically: Myth: To get ahead you just need to do a good job. We all want this to be true. It would seem to make sense that the quality and integrity of a person’s work is all that should matter. Unfortunately, getting ahead in an organization often takes more than that. To be clear, maintaining a high level of performance is critical; however, doing a good job does not guarantee you will realize career success in your company. Ultimately, organizations are political, and personnel and promotion decisions are based upon rational performance criteria and non-rational subjective criteria. So, doing a good job is necessary but not sufficient. You also need to effectively navigate the social and political dimensions of your company. Although politics are always present, they should not be the primary focus of your attention. Nor should they solely shape your decisions and actions within an organization. Your real power comes from navigating the politics, but not being political. Your main focus should be on doing what you love, not on being accepted and included by all the “important” people. Being a political animal will ensure you are not bringing your loves to work, but instead relying on the transient affection of your co-workers.

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