INgagement Coaching

Your Career From the Inside Out

The biggest part of your life is spent at work and in your career. Yet, if you are like many people, you are not really sure how to craft a unique career path that works for you. Whether you are a new graduate, at the mid-point of your career, or looking to refresh to amore mature career, it is critical to make deliberate career choices and apply the practices of career success.

Coaching is a powerful medium to get fast and lasting results. As authors, we have coached professionals at all levels and in all phases of their career. We have found that one-on-one time with individuals provides a perfect setting for maximum application, learning, and impact. In coaching we help you apply the principles of sustained career success:surfacing your career needs, making enlightened career choices, and applying the practices that will that enable you to be successful and motivated throughout your career.

Our coaching cantransform careers and even lives.

Below is the framework we use in individual career coaching. It is an efficient three-phased process thatsurfaces and shapes your career path.We would be honored to partner with you, or someone you know, to truly make their career work.


Session #1

Session #2

Career Foundation

Career Foundation

Career Foundation

Complete the online assessment “Career Success Indicator” (10 minutes) 1.5 hour session over the phone, or in person, to identify your career needs and make key career decisions 1.5 hour session over the phone, or in person, to learn and apply the practices of career success
Complete Career Coaching Prework package (45 minutes)
The coach (Joe or William) reviews the pre-work and Coaching Sessions are scheduled Interim support is provided via phone or email as needed

The full cost of the Career Transformation Coaching is $650. PayPal payment will initiate the coaching immediately. We know this is an important decision, and either of us would be glad to discuss our coaching in further detail. . Please contact us to discuss further.