Your Career: From the Inside Out

Our principles and approach change careers, and even lives. Stepping through a proven methodology,people identify how to shape a great career within their company. Likewise, organizations build sustained engagement – getting beyond carrots and sticks, companies deploy a systemic process for aligning people’s core passions with their work. The outcome of this process is INgagement – getting beyond external motivators (money, recognition). With INgagement,companies systemically align and unleash their employees totake performance to the next level.

To drive career INgagement, we have developed the workshop – Your Career: From the Inside Out. This workshop enables participants to apply the principles outlined in our book Make It Work: Navigate Your Career Without Leaving Your Organization.At the end of this one-day experience, participants leave with clarity on their career path within a company, and a plan to make it happen.Key content covered in Your Career: From the Inside Out include:

  • Career Success Indicator – assessment of a person’s current level of career engagement
  • Career Beliefs – pervasive career myths and necessary truths
  • Career Foundation – surface core needs and make enlightened career choices
  • Career Navigation – the six practices of career success

Here’s what some of our participants have to say about Your Career: From the Inside Out:

This career development class provided the best structured and ‘scientific’ approach to defining career passions and objectives. It solidified some of my career objectives and expanded upon others. After this class, I feel like I have a better understanding of what drives me in job satisfaction, and the types of roles that will combine these passions and strengths.

Workshop participant

Overall…a great class for anyone who is interested in advancing their career! This class seems less applicable to someone who is completely satisfied with maintaining their current position (i.e., doesn’t care to move up), and those who are focused more on job title instead of following their career passions. I don’t fall into these categories, so the class seemed perfectly suited for me.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Workshop participant

For more information on this workshop, please contact either Joe or William via Contact Us, or call 972.680.9200.